X-KIT is an infinite robot creation kit that supports 3D printing toy robots. It contains mutually compatible APP and hardware.

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X-KIT lowers the barrier for kids of all ages to discover the wonders of 3D printing with the help of its app, hub and clever code. Parts designed with X-KIT can be printed on any 3D printer. The app has pre-set parameters that ensure prints come out perfectly sized for the Hub, while still allowing complete creative freedom to design anything.

Kids love toys, and they love to create. Why not let kids create their own toys? With X-KIT, you can own a robot factory and build a robot kingdom. We also provide more than 60 thoughtfully designed robot templates in the X-KIT app ranging from simple to advanced. Get inspired by a template or build something incredible from scratch. 

Drive a jungle truck across a bridge in a dinosaur world, or program a smart robot to follow the tracks. There are over 40 programs for kids to choose from the app providing endless possibilities. Your child's imagination is stimulated at every turn with our endless ways to play.

Templates in the X-KIT library are fully customizable so kids can make their own variations of existing models. This way, kids can be on their way with designing quickly, while still having full creative control.

How it Works

X-KIT let you rapidly create various toy robots by modularized 3D design, 3D printing and fun coding. Then go nuts and play!


It allows kids to design and print their own robots, and then to code and control the robots.

  • Modularized 3D Design
  • Graphical Coding
  • Remote Control

The modularized 3D design provides you 650+ robot components to create new models simply by drag&snap parts into place. Special pieces are provided to adapt LEGO blocks in your design.

There are 2 intuitive graphical coding modes for kids with different levels of proficiency. to command robots through program. Plus, 40+ well-designed programs are for kids to get start with.

A powerful console including directional controls, servos, 6 pre-set motions, and custom code, gives you full control over the robots.

The Hub

3D printed parts are built up on the hub and coded programs are executed by the hub. Hub brings your 3D creations to life.

Part list

Progressive Creation Examples

Review from Bens Stuff

Check out what Ben said about X-KIT! He's a little ROBOT EXPERT who owns a lot of toy robots and is an established Youtube creator.