IME3D for Education

IME3D helps teachers to integrate 3D printing technology into classroom with STEAM curriculum. We have served over 1,000 schools from kindergarten to junior high.

We also provide solutions as STEAM classrooms, teaching services and curriculum development services. Moreover, IME3D also hosts design and robot competitions every year in China covering over 10,000 students.

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The package includes gamified 3D-design apps, a rich model resource library and a curriculum tailored for children from 4-6. With the assistance of adults, children experience intuitive learning to develop their ability of exploring and sense of three-dimensional space.

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School Year 1-12

We provide a series of modeling apps as design tools, which are integrated into the Maker and STEAM curriculums for young students. Schools can have software, hardware, curriculums, teaching management platform, training program and event services, etc.


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