Made to foster children’s creativity

Our platform now has 12 applets with different themes, 2

gamified mini design apps, with more than 1000 models in

them, and the number is still increasing...

IME3D KID Solutions for kids age 3-12 provide the engaging, hands-on experiences they need to build their STEAM skills and create real connection between 3D design/printing and their daily lives.

IME3D KID design apps, programming tools, and relating lesson plans for teachers foster students' interests on STEAM courses, IME3D KID solutions grow with students as they discover the 3D design/printing world, the threshold is low but the upper limit is high, with IME3D kids can learn to make infinite possibilities.

In Here ...

You can arrange the design elements freely to create your own unique toys, print them out and play them with your friends.

You can also redesign the classic models into your own toys. For example, you can create your own superman upon the classic superman model we papered for you,

and experience the process from "playing toys" to "creating toys".

Click the image below to get detailed information of each applets.


1000+ Creative Models with a Wide of Customization

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3D Splicing Blocks

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Classic Toys

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Festival Theme

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Creative Products

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Interesting Models

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Education Tools

Lightweight 3D design software with multi-platform support.

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3DCube— Block building modelling tool for kids.

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Art3D— 3D sculpture modelling tool for kids.